Anti pigmentation 360 package


Hyperpigmentation is a common problem for Asian skin. It affects both males and females. The trouble with treating pigmentation is that it needs elimination of root cause as well as continuous maintenance therapy in the form Of night cream and sunscreen to sustain the results. At Skinhealers, we provide wholesome care and management of all types of pigmentation. Before we start the treatment, we first find out the cause of hyperpigmentation and then treat the patient accordingly..

  1. what are the common causes of pigmentation in Asian skin?

The most common causes of facial hyperpigmentation in Asian skin are:

  1. Melasma
  2. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  3. Lichen planus pigmentosus
  4. Riehl’s melanosis
  5. Periorbital and perioral hyperpigmentation
  6. Seborrheic melanosis
  7. Tanning

After thorough history and examination, the cause of hyperpigmentation is found and the patient is then treated accordingly.

How do we treat melasma?

Melasma is the most common cause of troublesome pigmentation in Asian skin. It is most commonly associated with iron deficiency, thyroid and other hormonal abnormalities, intake of OCP’s, and excessive sun exposure. We first perform a battery of investigations to find out the cause of melasma. Once found we supplement the deficiencies as well as start the patient on skin lightening creams and procedures.

What is the anti pigmentation treatment package?

In this treatment protocol we aim to decrease the production of  melanin, exfoliate the existing pigmented skin and generate new clear skin.

In this  package we give alternate sittings of the following :

  1. chemical peel- yellow peel/ AHA peel
  2. mesotherapy- intralesionsal injections of glutathione and tranexamic acid
  3. Laser treatment- carbon facial plus fractionated Q switched Nd:YAG lasser for overall skin lightening and rejuvenation

The sittings are given at 2 weekly intervals for 3 sittings each in order to bring about faster control of pigmentation .

Along with this nutritional supplementation, dietary modification, stringent use of sunscreen and skin lightening creams are given for home-based care. Your specialist may also recommend an additional skin product/ oral medicine to maximise the effectiveness of your treatment. It’s an all-around treatment for pigmentation and the results are visible from the very first sitting!


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