Beard / Moustache Transplant


Beard transplant is a surgical procedure where hairs are transplanted onto the beard region. Similarly, when hairs are transplanted onto the mustache region it’s known as mustache transplant.

Q. When is beard/ moustache transplant done?

Common indications for doing a transplant in this region include:

  • Hereditary causes when the beard or mustache growth is less in the males of the family
  • Alopecia areata
  • Loss of beard/ moustache due to scars from surgery, burns or any other procedure
  • Scarring because of infections like folliculitis or furuncles
  • Tractional alopecia – usually seen in the Sikh population where the continuous pull of a fixing lotion or a thread which is used to tie beard pulls out hair because of continuous use over a long time

Q. How is the procedure done?

This procedure requires a high level of expertise on the part of the treating surgeon because the direction of hair changes continuously from region to region in the beard and moustache area.

While in beard it’s imperative to change the direction of hair regularly from region to region and form whorl-like patterns near the angles of jawline for moustache the direction is typical of importance towards both the ends of the moustcahe depending upon what sort of a look the patient aspires.

Q. When to expect results?

The implanted hair usually fall at between 2-6 weeks after transplant. However, their stem cells remain behind. From the second month onwards the patient can expect to see improvement in results. The best results are usually seen at 9-12 months post surgery.

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