Body Hair Transplant

Body Hair Transplant

Q. What is body hair transplant?

Body hair transplant (BHT) is a procedure of transferring the hair grafts from anywhere of the body to the recipient area. It is most appropriate for facial hair transplantation such as Moustache, Beard, Eyebrows reconstruction. Body hair can also be transplanted to the scalp areas when the person does not have the adequate donor supply, i.e., the back & sides of the scalp have very few hairs and so the extractions are not possible for the expected number of hair grafts.

These hairs can be taken from the chest, armpits, abdomen or anywhere in the body.

Body hairs are taken by the same FUE technique as the scalp hair

Q. How is body hair different form scalp hair as a donor?

First of all, the texture of body hair is different from the scalp hair. While the scalp hairs are long smooth and shiny, body hairs are usually short, curly and rough.

Second, the follicular units taken from the body are distinct anatomically from hairs taken from the head. The FUs that are taken from the head usually comprise, 1, 2 or 3 hairs, but in most of the cases, FUs from the body will only have one hair. Thus implanting  60 FUs per cm² of body hair will lead to a hair thickness of 60 – 70 hairs for every cm², though 60 FUs per cm² of head hair would result in a thickness of 90 – 120 hairs for each cm². This demonstrates that to acquire characteristic looking hair thickness, almost twice the same number of inserts are required.

Thirdly, the body hair grow slowly than the scalp hair and not grow as long as the scalp hair.

Thus, body hair transplant is used as an option for scalp transplant in patients with a poor donor area  for filling the posterior aspect of the recipient area while the scalp hair would be used for the hairline and the front. This way body hair help in enhancing thickness of head hair and since they are mixed and transplanted with scalp hair towards the posterior side of the recipient area, they help achieve decent results in patients with poor donor hair availability.

Q. Is it possible to transplant scalp hair onto the body?

Yes it is possible to transplant scalp hair onto body as in a routine FUE surgery. It can be done to restore hair density on beard, moustache, eyebrows, and chest


There are three primary success factors for any BHT:

  • The extraction of the hair follicles
  • The compatibility of head and body hairs
  • The growth cycle of the body hairs

Body hair transplant requires a great degree of expertise and experience of the treating hair surgeon because of the greater degree of difficulty of the procedure. At Skinhealers, be assured to be in the safest hands with good experience to deal with such cases.

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