Chin augmentation


Is your chin too small or short? Is your short chin giving you a double chin appearance? Do you have a rubbery, orange peel like, dimpled or pitted chin? Has your chin receeded and blunted over a period of time?

If answer to any of these is yes, Skinhealers is the right place for you as we provide with the best solutions for your chin problems

Q. What can be done for a short or small chin?

If the chin is too small or short in relation to the rest of the face, we can properly restore this using a dermal filler. Fillers are liquid solutions of hyaluronic acid which can be injected into your chin area to give a firm elongated chin which would look very natural. Chin augmentation with dermal fillers can make a whole lot of difference to your personality without the outside world knowing of what exactly has been done. This adds extra volume to the chin, which makes it larger. This treatment is not invasive and virtually painless. For details on dermal fillers, please refer to our anti-aging fillers section under the subheading of age reversal procedures

Q. What can be done for wrinkly and pitted chin?

For such chin problems, botulinum toxin is the perfect instant solution. Just two shots on the either side of midline on the chin and your chin would be become as smooth as it was ever. his relaxes the muscle that pulls on the skin from the inside and causes an orange peel skin. With a small amount of Botox irregularities disappear.

Before the procedure

Before the procedure, Dr. AManjot will take in account your expectations and your problems in the chin area and tell you what best can be done to solve your chin problems

In case a combination of fillers and botox is suggested, botox is done first followed by fillers in this area, usually after a gap of 2 weeks

The procedure is absolutely painless and a topical anesthetic cream can be applied in case the patient is still apprehensive to further decrease the discomfort

After the treatment

Immediately after the treatment, you will experience a numb feeling. Exceptionally, there can also be some swelling. This disappears over time. In even more exceptional cases, there may be some bruising after the treatment. This also disappears over time. Should you be the exception to the rule, then avoid sunlight to prevent pigmentation.

Hyaluronic acid takes two weeks to become fixed into the surrounding tissue. The gel needs a few days to settle. In the first week after treatment, the hyaluronic acid may shift and look somewhat irregular. During the check-up – two weeks after the treatment – we can correct this if necessary.

The hyaluronic acid is slowly broken down after 1,5 to 2 years. However, there are large individual differences. For most people, it remains much longer. We recommend not waiting until the results are completely gone, but coming back before everything is broken down.

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