Customized Chemical Peels


Chemical peels are basically acids which are derived from fruits, vegetables and plants and are concentrated in order to amplify there healing effects. At SKinhealers, we offer a wide variety of chemical peels  as a part of our medifacials to  cure your skin problems. These peels and medifacials are customized as per your skin type and skin condition to give you the best possible results.

Q.Why choose Skinhealers for chemical peels?

  1. First and foremost, all chemical peel procedures are performed by Dr. Amanjot herself and not by technicians.
  2. We use the best in class, imported,good quality peels which have the ability to provide best results with minimum or no downtime.
  3. We choose the peels for you after carefully examining your skin type and gradually build the strength of the peel in order to give maximum benefits with no side effects .

Q.How to choose which peel is ideal for which skin condition?

We offer a wide variety of peels as per the skin condition. Our most popular peels are:

  1. Black peel- for acne, and post acne scars
  2. Yellow peel- for melasma, tanning , superificial pigmentations like lentigenes, freckles, fine lines and wrinkles
  3. Alpha hydroxyl acid peels- for pigmentation, early ageing, skin rejuvenation
  4. Lactic acid peels- for glow, party peel, under eye pigmentation
  5. Phenol peel- for stubborn pigmentation like extensive and dark melasma
  6. Glutathione peels- for skin whitening and tanning
  7. Azelaic acid plus salicylic acid peel- acne with post acne redness
  8. Salicylic acid peels- foracne and oily skin
  9. Derma peel- Also known as Microdermabrasion/ Skin polishing. It helps with micro irregularities an uneven skin tone and texture
  10. Claze peel- for under eye pigmentation

All our peels are combined with skin brightening/ skin tightening masks to further enhance the results.

Q. What are the pre requisites before getting a peel?

  1. Before getting a peel, one must start using sunscreen , altleast 2-3 weeks prior, in order to develop a habit of using the same plus to prepare the skin for the procedure.
  2. Also, PRIMING of the skin with a skin lightening agent for 3 weeks prior to using a peel is recommended  to see the best results, especially in patients seeking peel for pigmentation.
  3. Three days  prior to getting a peel, allpreparations conataining retinol or salicylic acid must be discontinued.
  4. In case you have had cold sores (herpes simplex infection), or any skin allergies, please tell your doctor regarding the same
  5. In case you are preganant or lactating, please inform your treating doctor, as it is best to avoid certain peels during those conditions

Q. What post-procedure precautions need to observe?

Post the procedure, a patient must be regular with moisturizer and sunscreen. Depending upon the peeling agent used certain precautions may be advised:

  1. DO not step out in bright sun
  2. Do not rub, pick or pull the skin
  3. Don’t use harsh cleansers or scrubs
  4. Don’t take hot steam, sauna treatment for 1 week after the procedure
  5. Avoid using make up for 5-7 days post the procedure to avoid clogging of the pores.
  6. All skin care creams to be avoided  till exfoliation settles
  7. No Bleach for at least 3 weeks

Q. What are the side effects of peels?

Some degree of mild side effects can be expected like mild redness, itching or superficial crusting in some areas. However, with the continuous use of moisturizer and sunscreen, these effects wane off in 3-5 days. When done in expert hands, peels are virtually side effect free.

Q. How many sessions of peels are recommended?

Depending  upon the  skin condition we recommend 3 -6 sessions of peels for best results. These sessions are performed at 3-4 weeks intervals

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