Double Chin Reduction


Double chin is an extremely annoying feature. It might make even a skinny person look fat. Double chin could be because of excessive fat tissue in the chin or neck region or because of short chin due to which even normal amount of fat and skin tissue look bulky

Q. What is the treatment approach for double chin at Skinhealers?

At Skinhealers, we first try and identify the cause of double chin and rectify it accordingly. Dr. Amanjot examines each patient carefully, after which the best possible treatment option is suggested.

The treatment options for double chin reduction are:

  1. Injection lipolysis- when the cause of double chin is mild to moderate amount of fat in the chin region, we usually prefer to start with injection lipolysis. In this process, a fat dissolving solution is injected into the bulky areas of the chin in order to dissolve the fat which is then excreted in urine. Post procedure there is some tenderness and redness in the treated area which usually goes away in 3 days
  2. Thread lift- for bulky chins with lots of fat and loose skin tissue we further augment the injection lipolysis with thread lift. We use very high quality FDA approved threads to lift away the bulk from the centre of the chin and distribute it evenly in the periphery to give a less bulky appearance
  3. ULTHERA- When the double chin is only because of loose skin tissue or once after injection lipolysis most of the fat tissue is lost and loose skin remains, at that time skin tightening with ULTHERA works well to give you a defined chin
  4. Laser lipolysis- this is an advanced technique to get rid of stubborn pockets of fat nywhere in thebody. For severe cases we combine injection and laser lipolysis to get the best results. Usually 3 sessions each of injection and laser are suggested for bulky chins

So, if you are frustrated because of your double chin and want to stop it from ruining your photos, book an appointment with us today!

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