Eyebrow Transplant

eyebrrow transplant

Eyebrows are an essential part of one’s face. Though they may appear insignificant to some most women would agree how threading makes a huge impact on their look. Similarly, thick eyebrows imply youth fullness and thinning of eyebrows with age might make one appear older than oneactually might be. Sometimes certain ethnicities are prone to thin eyebrows, for example, people from northeastern states of India, China, Japan, Nepal. Also, there are certain diseases wherein eyebrows are lost as a part of the disease process like alopecia areata

Eyebrow transplant is a useful permanent solution for thin eyebrows

It involves transplanting hair from the scalp onto the eyebrow region

Q. What are the indications for eyebrow transplant?

Hereditary thin eyebrows- as seen in certain ethnicities and families

Refractory alopecia areata

Loss of eyebrows due  to scarring secondary to burns, surgery, trauma, piercings, tattoos, etc

Chemotherapy/radiotherapy patient

Loss of eyebrows due to aging

Q. How is it performed?

Initially keeping in mind the face of the patient an outline of the eyebrow is drawn. At Skinhealers we keep in mind the trend of eyebrow shape plus the patients choice of shape to create a shape of eyebrow the patient would like to have

Next, a small area of the scalp, usually the posterior scalp or behind the ear is shaved and is used as a donor. The donor area is strategically chosen so that it can be hidden easily by the patient’s remaining hair

Slits are made in the eyebrow area. This is very challenging and requires an expert.  This is because in eyebrows the direction of hair changes frequently from head to tail of the eyebrow. So the direction of slits should be changed accordingly. The slit making to a great degree determines the outcome of eyebrow transplant

Figure 1

Once the slits have been made, hairs are implanted into the slits. The hair then grow naturally and can be trimmed, threaded like normal eyebrows

Q. What to expect?

One might expect to get some swelling or bruising at the eyebrow region post the procedure, which usually subsides over 7-10 days. The best result is seen over 6-9 months and the result are everlasting.

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