Full face rejuvenation


As we age, the skin tends to loose its natural qualities of smoothness, shininess, and elasticity. Depending upon the degree of care one takes, these changes might occur as early as mid-twenties or early thirties.

At Skinhealers, we provide a wide range of facial rejuvenation procedures depending upon the type of skin issue. Commonly addressed skin issues with common treatment options offered are as follows:

  1. Dull Skin- Microdermabrasion, yellow peel, carbon facial, resurfx laser
  2. Sagging skin- Fillers/ Liquid facelift, Thread lift, laser tissue tightening, Ulthera
  3. Under eye circles- chemical peels, PRP, Mesotherapy
  4. Unwanted hair- Laser hair reduction
  5. Acne scars/ post traumatic scars- microneedling plus PRP, fractional Co2 laser, Resurfx (non ablative) laser, Microneedling RF.
  6. Sagging brows- Brow lift
  7. Wrinkles and fine lines- BOTOX®, Resurfx laser
  8. Open pores- Microneedling plus PRP, mesobotox, Resurfx laser
  9. Freckles, age spots- Q switched Nd: YAG laser, radiofrequency ablation


One can refer to the concerned procedure in our treatments section for a more detailed explanation of the techniques and FAQs.

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