Hair Regeneration Mesotherapy

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This therapy implies the application of a concoction of essential nutrients and oils on the scalp which is then infused into the scalp using micro needling systems. This leads to the rich supply of nutrients to hair roots and improvement in hair growth.

 Q. What indications is mesotherapy useful in?

Mesotherapy is  useful for the following  indications:

  1. Telogen effluvium
  2. Male pattern hair loss
  3. Female pattern hair loss
  4. Seborrheic dermatitis
  5. Hair damaged by sunlight and pollution

Q. How is the procedure done?

First topical anesthesia in the form of spray is applied to the scalp. After 30 mins of numbing, the concoction is applied on to the scalp which is infused into the scalp with a dermapen.

Q. How many sittings are required?

Sittings are usually done at 10 days interval and around 7-10sittings are required.

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