Hair Restoration Treatment

For patients with early alopecia, where only the hairline has receded, hair restoration treatment specialist can make a world of difference to the looks of the patient. Also in Sikh population, tractional alopecia is very common due to tight patkas or tight tying of hair over the years. In such cases restoration is sometimes required if the person decided to trim his hair at a later stage.

Q. Why choose Skinhealers for hairline restoration treatments?

At Skinhealers, our hair specialist understands that hairline design is of utmost importance for the success of a hair restoration treatment. An artificial straight looking hairline can destroy the whole effort of getting a hair transplant done. Our hair specialist acknowledge the fact that one wants to get appreciated for his looks but not for getting decided surgery. That is why Dr. Amanjot makes it a point that the hairline is so natural that No One Gets To Know that a hair transplant has been done

Q. What are the factors that determine the naturalness of hairline?

A natural hairline requires the following things to be kept in mind:

  1. Macro and micro irregularities must be incorporated into the hairline design to avoid a straight looking hairline.
  2. Only single hair containing grafts should be used in the first three rows of the hairline atleast
  3. The hair need to be implanted at an acute angle of 10o-15o so that the haur don’t look artificial when the hair grow out
Hair specialist in Panchkula

Whats even better is that we aim at a high density of around 60-65 Follicular units/cm2  for the frontal tuft (FT) and dense zone (DZ) of the hairline  so that patient gets a heavy front which makes him look young and makes him happy.

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