Microneedling +PRP


Q. Have you noticed the following signs of ageing on your face?

1. Skin colour has become pale/gray or dull and lacks the natural glow it used to have
2. The face looks collapsed and droopy.
3. Skin texture has become less smooth making you look “worn”, or “tired” or “droopy” all the time.

Q. DO you want to treat them but are scared of fillers and botox?

If yes, then Microneedling is the best option for you.
Although Botox and Fillers are absolutely safe and excellent procedures, sometimes some people don’t want anything “artificial’ injected into their face. So for them, Microneedling is the best natural way to get a smoother and younger looking skin

Q. What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a unique procedure that explores the skin’s natural ability to heal itself following injury. This procedure when combined with platelet rich plasma is famously known as the Vampire facial and when fillers are added to this combination it is known as Vampire facelift. If anyone is a social media person, he/she would know how these procedures are a big trend in the west. What’s even better is that this procedure utilizes your skin’s natural ability to heal plus your own blood cells to bring about the desired anti ageing effect.

Q. Who are the ideal candidates for microneedling +PRP?

1. Someone who has dull or saggy skin but not extra/ loose/ hanging skin.
2. Someone who has early signs of ageing like fine lines or wrinkles
3. Someone who has advanced signs of ageing like coarse wrinkles, rough texture and loose skin and don’t want anything very invasive or don’t want injectables
4. People who want to ‘stay ahead in the game’ and don’t want any signs of ageing to set in. In short, want to maintain their youthfulness and not wait for ageing to set in before they start caring for their skin


Q. How is the procedure done?

When the patient comes, numbing cream is applied on to their skin. After which, 20 ml of blood is taken from the vein in your arm and PRP is prepared from it. After 30 minutes hyaluronic acid solution is applied on your skin and infused in your skin using the microneedles on a derma pen. This dermapen is rotated all over your face and reach up to the level of upper dermis. This is confirmed by very tiny pinpoint bleeding spots which appear after microneedling. These tiny injuries trick the body into thinking that there is some injury and it needs to produce new skin to heal the same.

After this PRP is injected onto your face by the treating doctor. This PRP is full of growth factors made by your own blood cells which improve the rate and quality of the skin formation.

As the face is numb because of the numbing cream, this procedure is only minimially uncomfortable for the patient. After this procedure sunscreen is applied and the patient is free.

Q. What are the precautions to be taken after the procedure?

Following precautions need to be taken:
1. Some redness will remain on the face for 4-5 days post the procedure. There is nothing to worry. The patient has to apply moisturiser and sunscreen very regularly as advised by the doctor.
2. Avoiding sweating and swimming for 5 days
3. Avoid all parlour activities for 5 days and massages for atleast 1 month

Q. How long does it take for the results to be visible?

Although the patient experiences tightness of skin starting day 2-3 post the procedure, best results are seen 6-12 weeks after the procedure as the collagen forms. The duration to see the results and the longevity of the results vary from patient to patient and depend upon the age, the severity of skin changes and the skin care routine the patient follows. However, a comprehensive yet easy to follow skin care routine and diet is advised to the patient so as to enjoy the results of this procedure for a long time

Q. When should the procedure be repeated?

Depending upon the severity of skin damage, the procedure needs to be repeated once in 6-12 months
So if you are noticing those unwanted signs of ageing and looking for a “NATURAL’ solution, then Microneedling is the option for you and Skinhealers is the place for you.

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