Non Surgical Hair Restoration


Non-surgical hair replacement is a quick fix solution that gives you a full head of hair regardless of your stage of hairloss. It is especially recommended for people with advanced stages of hair fall where the donor area is insufficient to fill the area of bald scalp. Also in these cases it can be used in combination with hair transplant where hair transplant can be done for the hairline and the frontal tuft and a patch can be applied to the crown and vertex area.

Q. Why choose Skinhealers for Non-Surgical Hair Restoration?

At SKinhealers, we make it a point to give the patient as natural appearance as possible. Starting from hairline, to the texture of hair, density of hair, and most importantly the comfort of the patient – care is taken that the results look natural so that patient can flaunt any hairstyle and the results don’t look artificial

Highlights of non-surgical hair restoration at Skinhealers:
1. Breathable cosmetic skin: The cosmetic skin chosen as the base of the patch is very breathable and has pores in it. As a result, there isno problem of sweating and itching, and the patient can wear the patch 24 hours a day. This skin is cut to size using a mould which is made from the exact measurements of the patient’s scalp as a result the outcome looks pretty natural.

2. Hair: We take the smaple of patient’s hair and send it to our lab which then provides us with identical hair in terms of texture, colour , wave so that it merges well with existing hair. The hair are virgin human hair which looks much more natural unlike synthetic hair used in wigs.

3. Hairline: The hairline is a very important factor for the success of this procedure. Our aim is to give a natural hairline keeping in mind the age, facial features, personality and expectation of the patient.

4. The arrangement of hair: the hair are infused in the cosmetic skin and gives natural looking appearance unlike wigs

5. The hair are very dense and the length is chosen as per the patient’s choice, therefore the patient can opt of any number of hairstyles and new looks immediately after the procedure.

Q. How is the procedure done?

When the client comes to our centre, we take the meaureemtns of the scalp and sample of the patient’s hair. These measurements and samples are then to our lab, which collect identical hair as that of the patient’s, then make the cosmetic skin and infuse the hair onto that skin. We then receive the cosmetic skin with hair at our centre in 7-10 days which is then applied onto the patients scalp following medical and hygiene standards. It is completely painless scarless procedure

Q. When to expect the results?

The results are Immediate and the patient experiences an instant change in personality and looks. SO you STEP In BALD And Step Out flaunting a full head of hair.

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