Painless removal of moles/skintags/benign lesions, etc.


Unwanted skintags, moles, spots, cysts, etc are a very common problem faced by a majority of the population. Many people don’t get them removed for the fear of pain,  post procedure scars or the costs involved. Well, for all such people, there is a good news,  that at Skinhealers, we perform painless removal of all benign lesions of skin with minimal or no scarring at all (depending upon the size and depth of the lesion)  and that too at surprisingly low costs. Plus, there is no surgery and no sutures involved.

Q. what lesions can be removed without any surgery?

At SKinhealers, we remove the following lesions, without any sutures or surgery:

  1. Moles
  2. Skin tags
  3. Warts
  4. Freckles
  5. Dermatitis papulosa nigra (DPN)
  6. Seborrheic keratoses
  7. Xanthelasma palpebrum

The technique that we use is Radiofrequency Ablation which used very precise, high frequency electric energy to remove the unwanted tissue without aany damage at all to the surrounding skin

Q. How is the procedure performed?

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Usually a numbing cream is applied for 30-45 minutes before the procedure, following which the procedure becomes painless for the patient. The lesion is removed by the RFA machine, following crust appears in the treated area which falls off in 5-7 days.

The patient is advised to apply an antibiotic cream on the cruststill they fall down naturally on their own and sunscreen is advised which needs to be releigiously applied as advised even indoors to prevent any post procedure hyperpigmentation, which the Indian skin is notorious to develop.

For patients with deep moles, we advise 2-3 sittings so as to avoid developing any crater at the site of the treated mole. Rest of the other lesions don’t really need a touch up.

Q. When is surgical removal advised?

Surgical removal is advised in lesions which are too big to be removed by RFA or present beneath the skin like lipomas/ neurofibroma/ sebaceous cysts etc.

In these cases, injectable local anesthesia is given at the site of the lesion following which the lesion is removed and fine sutures are applied. The sutures are removed after 7-10 days.

Q. When should moles be removed?

Moles should be removed if they are cosmetically unappealing or show signs of malignant change like:

  • Asymmetry: Oddly shaped
  • Border: Irregular edges
  • Colour: More than one colour present
  • Diameter: More than a quarter inch in diameter or becoming larger

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