Q. What is PRP Therapy?

According to the PRP therapy specialist, PRP therapy is ‘an elixir’ that has the capacity to regenerate almost everything in the human body. PRP is derived from your own blood. It is rich in cells and growth factors that can regenerate damaged skin and hair. The normal platelet count is somewhere between 1.5-3.5 lakh/microlitre. However, in PRP it is usually 6-10 times your normal platelet count and varies between 10-20 lakh/ microlitre. These platelets have various growth factors for the hair matrix/ dermal papilla, commonly known as the hair root, plus it has growth factors for blood vessels that supply nutrition to hair roots.

PRP therapy Specialist

Q. What all hair conditions are PRP therapy suitable for?

According to a PRP therapy specialist, PRP therapy is suitable for the following types of hair loss conditions:
a. Male pattern hair loss
b. Female pattern hair loss
c. Telogen effluvium
While in the former two conditions, there is plenty of evidence for efficiacy of PRP. For telogen effluvium , in doctors experience, when used in combination with home treatment and proper nutrition, PPR therapy works well.

Q. How frequently are sittings done?

Sessions are usually done monthly. One can expect to get desired results within 3-6 months of therapy depending upon the degree and severity of hair loss.

Q. When should one expect to see results?

In the common scenario, results ar evident from second month onwards. According to a specialist, decrease in hair fall is noticed first fllowed by increase in density. The following figures show the results of one of our patient who received PRP plus hair rejuveneation mesotherapy.
Figures 1-5
Mention baseline, at 1 month, at 2 month, at 3 months, at 4 months(from1-5 respectively)

Q. Is PRP a one-time thing?

Every important thing in life needs maintenance and so do your hair. Though PRP therapy is an excellent solution for progressive baldness and thinning hair, it is not a one time permanent solution. Specialists usually recommend taking 1-3 maintenance sessions on yearly basis depending upon the severity of hair fall.
Q. How is the procedure done?
We take around 40 ml of your blood and process it to extract the platelets and growth factors and prepare around 4 ml of the meantime a numbing spray is applied to your scalp and a numbing cream is applied to your hairline. Most of the patients are comfortable with the numbing spray anesthesia itself. However, if required we give a field block along the hairline which is usually painless because of the numbing cream being already applied to your hairline. The PRP is then injected with insulin syringes which have the finest and thinnest needles available for medical use.

Q. Can PRP be used for scarring alopecia
Q. Can PRP be useful for a completely bald area with no hair at all?
No. PRP therapy is useful only till early stages of alopecia. In advanced cases hair transplant is a more sutiable option. After hair transplant PRP therapy can be used to provide growth factors to transplanted hair.

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