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Sagging cheeks and loose skin are a part of aging. Depending upon the degree of skincare, sooner or later, one usually experiences these changes. These changes can be noticed in the late 30s at the earliest and continue to worsen thereafter.

The aging face is the result of both superficial textural wrinkling of the skin and changes in the underlying structures. The major forces contributing to facial aging include gravity, skeletal remodeling, fat loss and redistribution, hormonal imbalance, chronic solar exposure, and other environmental factors. Each one of us will experience these changes differently because of genetics as well as our lifestyle.


Q. How does aging affect facial architecture?

The triangle of youth is an upside down triangle as illustrated in the photo. This upside down triangle represents fullness in the mid to upper face. In our youth, we have plenty of fat in the face in particular in the forehead, temple area, around the eyes, in the cheeks, and around the mouth. The most definitive features of youth in regards to subcutaneous fat (facial fullness) are lateral cheek projection or The Ogee curve, the arc of the jawline and the arc of the forehead. Also, convexities of the temple area is another feature of youth. With a fat loss or fat redistribution, these defining arcs and convexities of youth are disrupted. For example with age, the malar or cheek fat pad gradually slides forward and down to bulge against the nasolabial crease giving rise to the prominence of the nasal labial fold. The loss of underlying subcutaneous fullness is responsible for soft tissue descent and relative excess of facial skin.

Q. What is a thread lift?

The thread lift is a minimally invasive procedure which helps to lift the sagging skin. It is a safe and effective method which employs molding PDO thread which are biodegradable threads to pull the sagging skin. Their mechanism of action has two parts(a) the mechanical life caused by the threads brings about 10% of the instant pull and lifting of the skin, (b) the threads lead to  to formation of collagen along the direction of threads which leads to gradual yet visible lifting of face over three to six months. As a result of the lift caused by threads, the excess sagging skin is pulled back from the lower face to the midface, restoring the ogee curve and the midface volume. Also, they help to decrease the nasolabial folds by pulling the tissue from the central face to the peripheral face over to the cheeks

Q. How is the procedure performed?

At Skinhealers, we use FDA approved, high-quality PDO threads. It is minimally invasive treatment without scars and trauma, and the client can get back to daily life right after the procedure.  The procedure is done under local anesthesia which is given only at two points, that is the point of entry on either side of the face.  Minimal bruising, which lasts up to 10 days, might be seen only at the site of thread entry. In cases of severe sagging, we combine threads with PRP therapy wherein PRP is injected into the face to boost collagen formation along the threads.

Q. How long do the results of thread lift last?

Ans. With proper skin care and lifestyle, the results of thread lifts last for 1-2 years.


Q. Does it need to be combined with some other procedure as well?

Ans. In patients with loss of fat from their cheekbones, fillers may be used in combination to replenish the lost volume around the cheeks.

anti ageing fillers
anti ageing fillers

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