Treatment of oily sensitive and dull skin


At SKinhealers we have the ability to deal with even the most delicate skin types and guide them to a skin care routine most suited for their skin type. We also provide guidance for the type of makeup to be used in case of skin where every cream or makeup product causes allergy and provide procedures to improve the skin type and texture.

Sensitive skin

The term sensitive skin is very broad and different people use this term to define different types of skin. Thus, the term sensitive skin is very non-specific.

Patients with Sensitive skin often present with subjective complaints of severe facial irritation, burning, and/or stinging after application of cosmetic products. These complaints are often out of proportion to the objective clinical findings.

However, we do understand that it can be very troublesome and agonizing for any person to have such skin.

Most commonly this sensitivity is because of an underlying disease like eczema, sun allergy, rosacea, allergy to a particular component found in cosmetics or could be idiopathic. These conditions need an expert eye of a dermatologist to identify and treat them.

At Skinhealers, we take a detailed history from the patient and perform a comprehensive physical examination to identify an underlying subtle skin disorder leading to sensitivity.  Certain skin tests if required are performed to find out the true offending agent. After this, a list of products that can be safely used by the patient is worked upon and given to the patient.


Oily skin

For patients with oily skin, we provide an excellent skincare routine and diet chart to decrease oiliness.

We also perform certain procedures like salicylic acid peels and carbon facials to decrease the oiliness of the skin

Carbon facials is a boon for patients with oily skin as they provide a long lasting relief from oiliness and are absolutely safe. What ’s even better is that in addition to decreasing oiliness they give your face a beautiful glow and tightens your pores as well.

Dull skin

Dull skin is the result of build up of dead layers of skin that demands intense rejuvenation.  Dull skin can make you look old and tired and sometimes can’t be hidden with make up as well.

Dull skin has a number of causes which need to be rectified. At SKinhelaers, we provide a though lifestyle and diet modification to get a naturally glowing skin. A skin care routine and skin care creams are advised to the patient for home care depending upon the age and skin concerns of the patient. We also perform certain procedures to expedite the process. These procedures aim at exfoliating the dead layers of skin and removing dirt, dust, grime along with it. Commonly used procedures to rejuvenate dull skin include:

  1. Carbon facial
  2. Microdermabrasion
  3. Chemical peels
  4. Platelet-rich plasma
  5. Vampire facial


The choice of the procedures depends upon the extent and cause of dullness. The procedures are absolutely safe and can be used again for maintenance of results achieved.

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