Treatment For Open Pores

open pores treatments

The Open Pores are the dot like openings on our skin. They are basically the openings of pilosebaceous units on our skin particularly on the face. It’s normal to havevpires but it becomes problematic when the pores become dilated or enlarged in size which is commonly known as open pores.

Q. what conditions can cause open pores?

1. Oily skin: As told earlier pores are openings of pilosebaceous units, unit of a fine hair follicle and oil gland, on our face people with oily skin tend to develop open pores at an earlier age.

2. Sun damage and ageing As the age advances, collagen in the skin breaks down decreasing the soft tissue support to the pores. As a result, the pores become enlarged due to lack of the intervening supportive tissue

Sun damage on the other hand accelerates this process due to which open pores can be seen earlier in people who don’t use a sunblock regularly

Q. what all procedures can be done for open pores treatment?

The following procedures can be done depending upon the severity of the condition
1. Topical open pores treatment: in patients with few open pores collagen boosting creams like retinol based creams or glycolic acid based creams are advised to increase collagen production and decrease the pores size

Along with this sunscreen is advised to the patient to slow down the rate of sun damage induced breakage of collagen

2. Meso botox : Meso Botox is a treatment wherein very low doses of botulinum toxin is injected very superficially in the skin to affect the arrector pilorum muscle which Due to repeated contractions is known to dilate the pores

The results are visible within 2-3 days and last for 3-4 months
This is a great quick fix for people with large amount of open pores before the festive/ wedding season

3. Microneedling + Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)- This therapy employs using microneedling systems where in a dermapen contains microneedles is used to cause controlled minor injury to the dermis in order to trick the body to heal that injury with new collagen production. PRP therapy is added to increase the amount of collagen production which fills the inter pore area and tightens the pores

Upto 3 sittings at 6 weekly intervals are recommended for best results

4. Microneedling radiofrequency (MNRF) for open pores treatment.
This technique also aims at building new collagen by causing not only mechanical but also thermal injury to the dermis. This is recommended for very large open pores and 3-6 sittings at 6 weekly intervals are recommended. Depending upon the severity of the condition PRP can be added to this procedure as well to enhance the results

5. Chemical peels: In the open pores treatment, Glycolic acid peels are also known to tighten pores and reverse signs of ageing and can be combined with any of the above procedures especially in the time interval between two sittings to further enhance the effects of the above procedures

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